Our mask policy

A surgical face mask is required for anyone over the age of 5 to enter the clinic, covering your mouth and nose. Please ask one of the Greeter Team at the front door if you require one. If you have a fabric mask on, you will be asked to swap for a surgical one.

  • Microsuction of an ear canal is the cleaning of an ear canal using gentle suction and instruments. At Riccarton Clinic this procedure is carried out by registered nurses under direct vision using a ENT microscope. The procedure is safe and most patients find it more comfortable than ear syringing.

    The ear canal is the passage that extends from your ear down to your ear drum (approx 2.5cm in adults). The ear canal is narrow and curved and can become blocked with:

    • Wax
    • Skin
    • Debris from an infection
    • A foreign object

    This can cause your hearing to become dull.

    Please arrange a 30 minute initial appointment by phoning the reception team on 033433661.