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Enrolled Fees

Healthcare in New Zealand is not free to the patient but if you enrol at a medical centre is subsidised by the Ministry of Health for visits to that medical centre. The remaining fee, the co-payment, is charged to the patient. Co-payments vary between medical centres and depend on the time of day or week and type of service a patient receives.

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There is no co-payment payable for enrolled patients aged thirteen years old and younger at any of our opening times at Riccarton Clinic.  

The fee paid by those enrolled patients aged fourteen and over will depend on: 

  • whether the consultation is medical or accident (ACC discount your fee for an accident)

  • whether the patient has a Community Services Card or not

  • the time of day you attend (higher fees apply after 6pm)

  • the day of the week you attend (higher fees apply at weekends and on public holidays

As a guide, our standard adult enrolled fee to see a doctor is $55.00 (at 1st October 2020). 

As you might expect, providing medical services after hours costs more than during normal hours, except for children under the age of fourteen (for whom it is free).  Enrolled patients aged fourteen and older pay a higher co-payment for using our Urgent Care service (an after hours service) than the GP services (a normal hours service) but still less than they would pay as a Casual patient.  A Casual patient is one who is not enrolled at Riccarton Clinic.

Our fees change from time to time. Some services are free eg consultations for those under fourteen years old but even then fees still apply for procedures like liquid nitrogen. The majority of fees are displayed on boards either side of our entrance doors but please enquire at Reception if you wish to confirm a fee before you accept our services. Alternatively you can click here for the Price List.

Extra fees will apply for an extended consultation, certain procedures, tests, injections and medical supplies. Some discounts apply for holders of Community Services Cards and High User Health Cards (conditions apply).

Payments can be made to us with online banking. Please use account number 06 0801 0690566 25 with your NHI number or Family name/Given name as the Reference.