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Health Information

Riccarton Clinic values and respects the privacy of its patients and staff and is committed to meeting its obligations under the Health Information Privacy Code 1994. To ensure quality and continuity of services provided to you we may share of information with other health professionals. There are some circumstances under which we have to disclose information relating to your visit(s) here but they are limited.

Protection of Patient Information

Our practice is committed to meeting our obligations under the Privacy Act 1993, Health Information Privacy Code 1994 and Health [Retention of Health Information] Regulations 1996 to protect the privacy of the health information of patients. To ensure that we meet our obligations we appointed a Privacy Officer, currently one of our directors, and have put a number of procedures and safeguards in place.

Disclosure of Patient Information

In general we will not disclose your information without your express consent, however, to ensure quality and continuity of services provided to you, we need to co-operate with members of other treatment teams or other health services providers. Co-operation may require sharing of information between providers for this purpose.  An example of this is HealthOne, a secure record that stores health information, connecting primary and secondary care clinical information systems through Health Connect South (HCS). Not all patient information is uploaded but it does show recent medications, observations and allergies.  Non-identifiable information is shared with the Christchurch Primary Health Organisation to assist with health needs planning.

There are some, very limited, circumstances under which we have to disclose health information relating to your visit(s) here, for example, to the police or the courts but there are strict procedures that govern the extent and timing of this release.

Accidental disclosure of confidential information

Should we accidentally disclose information about you we will contact you to inform you about the extent of the disclosure.  You will also receive an apology and we will review our systems to reduce the likelihood of a similar breach in future.