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Buchanan Optometrists is located on the first floor at Riccarton Clinic and can be accessed by lift or stairs. They manage their own appointments and take their own payments. Their contact number is 341 4850.

Buchanan Optometrists is an independent Christchurch based optometry practice providing high quality personalised eye care. 

They offer:

  • Eye Examinations, including children

  • Drivers Licence Eye Assessments

  • CAA Eye Examinations

  • Police Eye Examinations

  • Retinal Photography

  • Visual Field Assessment

  • Corneal Topograph

  • Assessment for Glaucoma and Cataract

  • Diabetes Retinal Assessment

  • Refractive Surgery Post-operative Care

  • Colour Vision Assessment

  • Binocular Vision Assessment

They provide prescription glasses with an extensive range of quality frames to meet individual needs, sunglasses for children and adults, contact lenses and solutions, eye lubricants, lens anti mist and more.

For more information on services provided by Buchanan Optometrists visit http://www.buchanan-optometrists.co.nz/