Our mask policy

A surgical face mask is required for anyone over the age of 5 to enter the clinic, covering your mouth and nose. Please ask one of the Greeter Team at the front door if you require one. If you have a fabric mask on, you will be asked to swap for a surgical one.

Pre-Employment Medicals

  • Riccarton Clinic is able to complete pre-employment medicals for all occupational groups to ensure specific job health standards are complied with and the authorising employer is satisfied that the applicant is ‘fit for work’.

    The New Zealand Health & Safety in Employment legislation place particular emphasis on health standards for employers in roles deemed ‘safety critical’.  We can assist organisations in meeting their obligations in this area with comprehensive pre-employment medical assessments and drug testing services. 

     We are able to use an employers own medical assessment specifications or can design one through discussion.  Statutory testing can be incorporated.

     We are certified sample collection agents for ESR and additionally conduct dipstick testing in our facility.  We can incorporate drug and alcohol testing into pre-employment medicals but we can also conduct these tests adhoc following a workplace accident or road traffic accident.

     In addition to our nursing and GP services, co-located on-site are Bay Audiology (able to provide high level and repeatable hearing assessments) and Ian Buchanan Optometrists (able to provide eye testing for disease including retinal photography).  On-site physiotherapy, provided by Physiosouth, gives the ability to test for physical strength and mobility.

     We are also able to conduct periodic medical assessments to ensure that your workers' health is not deteriorating due to workplace conditions.