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It is an important part of Riccarton Clinic's values that team members work well together and support each other. It is also important to celebrate successes and the whole team gets a lift out of the high performance of a single team member. One of the ways that we encourage this culture is through participation in sporting and social events.

Riccarton Clinic hold two regular social events each year, the mid-winter party and the Christmas party.  Having a large number of part-time and rostered staff it is rare that some colleagues get to see one another, they can be like ships in the night.  These parties are occasions when not only do colleagues get to socialise and catch-up but it is also an opportunity for partners to learn more about the workmates of their partner.  As these events tend to be in the evening we have also held afternoon picnics at which the children of staff are invited.

Occasionally we hold an impromptu gardening competition on our balcony.  We've had Tallest Sunflower, Largest Potato Crop, and Best Bucket. We have over the years entered many running events such as City to Sea,Mud Sweat & Tears and various Marathons and Half Marathons.

Cycling has also been keenly pursued, with staff members cycling together in the Source to Sea, Le Race and the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge.  In the winter others have participated in the Night time mountain bike racing held at McLeans Island.

We support many charities throughout the year, Loud Shirt Day is particularly colourful, and we have sponsored a solar panel on the roof of the Ronald McDonald House to help them reduce their electricity bills.