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For all enquiries please call 03 343 3661

Urgent Care

Riccarton Clinic is an accredited Urgent Care Clinic. This means that we have systems in place to deal with urgent medical and injury cases during our extended hours of operation whether needed by our enrolled patients, by a casual patient or by a visitor to New Zealand. For casual patients a copy of our notes will go to your normal GP unless you ask us not to send them. If we are closed you can get health advice by phoning our main number.

Urgent Care Services

We provide triaged walk-in access to Medical and Accident treatments during our extended hours of operation. When we are closed you can access a healthcare support service staffed by nurses by calling our normal number (03 343 3661). The support service will help you to decide the most appropriate course of action to take.

When should I go to ED?

If an ambulance is needed, call 111, the emergency phone number in NZ. Non-emergency cases often cause over-crowding, resulting in a long waiting time and less immediate attention for emergencies. Kno...

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Urgent Care Fees

Healthcare in New Zealand is not free to the patient but it is subsidised by the Ministry of Health (for medical consultations during normal hours) and by ACC (for injuries caused by accidents - at an...

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Visitors to New Zealand

Visitors to New Zealand may need to access healthcare whilst here and many find the walk-in access available at Riccarton Clinic to be a convenient way of doing so. Different rules apply to the provi...

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