Our mask policy

A surgical face mask is required for anyone over the age of 2 to enter the clinic. Please ask one of the Greeter Team at the front door if you require one. If you have a fabric mask on, you will be asked to swap for a surgical one.

Enrolling With Us

  • We have closed our enrolments until the middle of February. Please check our website early next year to see what date we will start taking new enrolments again. Thank you.

    Enrolment enables you to receive a number of benefits and services like being able to make an appointment (vs being a drop-in patient). Riccarton Clinic is a member of the Christchurch Primary Health Organisation and we deliver a number of patient services on their behalf, such as support for patients with chronic diseases.

    By enrolling with us you will be able to keep the costs of your healthcare down. Enrolment is subject to eligibility, so we will need to check whether you are eligible to enrol. You can call in to get an enrolment form, or download a form from this website. Please take the time to complete all the sections and sign and date the form. 

    Up-to-date contact details are essential so we can get in touch with you in a timely manner. We try to contact patients by text and email whenever possible with general information and for recalls, so current mobile numbers and email addresses are important. You can opt not to receive texts and/or emails if you wish. 

    Once the enrolment is completed, hand it in at the Reception desk. If you were born in New Zealand, you will just need to bring some photo ID. This is not required for children under 16 years old. 

    If you, or a child you are enrolling, were not born in New Zealand, you will need to bring your passport which contains the visa information to show whether you (or your child) are eligible for funded health and disability services in New Zealand. This same requirement applies if you are enrolling a child who was born in New Zealand to parents who were not born in New Zealand, as they are not automatically entitled to funded health and disability services.

    If you are not eligible to enrol, we will explain why. You can only be enrolled at one medical practice at a time, you should consider it your main place, or 'home', of healthcare.

    It takes four to five working days to process your application, this involves obtaining your medical records from your previous provider. If you wish to see a doctor on the day you enrol you will be asked to pay the casual rate. After that the enrolled rate applies for your visits.