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  • Sitting at the intersection of primary healthcare and acute medicine means that our clinicians and support staff are exposed to a very broad range of presentations. It also means that we can offer prospective staff the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and experience in other parts of that range. If prospective staff members bring skills with them that we don't currently have, so much the better.

    Our 365 day operation means that we have a complex roster of clinicians and reception staff to ensure that adequate numbers of staff are on-site during opening hours.

    Whether through staff leaving or through staff members developing into new roles, or as the number of patients grows, so do we need to increase our team.

    It's been our experience that if anyone leaves it tends to be to leave the area or the country. On at least three occasions we've had staff say that the only thing keeping them in Christchurch so long is the working environment at Riccarton Clinic. They either emigrated to Australia (two are back in Christchurch now but not yet back at Riccarton Clinic – we're working on it) or moved away (both are back working with us).

    Wherever possible we prefer to train our team members and develop them into new roles as those roles come about. This creates empowered and engaged employees. It also creates a need to bring in new team members.

    Riccarton Clinic has grown from having 9,000 enrolled patients to over 18,000. In addition, the number of walk-ins has increased such that our annual patient consultations have increased from 68,000 to over 90,000. We need to increase our team, as well as changing processes, to handle this extra demand on our workforce.

    If you are interested in joining our team make a speculative approach via the form below or our Contact Us page. Send your CV (to, let us know why you think you would fit in and what you can add to our team.

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