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International Doctors

Very few of our clinical team are born and bred New Zealanders, the majority are European or Asian. When we have vacancies we welcome applications from international candidates and we have experience assisting applicants with submissions to the Medical Council of New Zealand and the Immigration Department.

Deciding to make the move to New Zealand can be fraught with decisions and difficulties with paperwork.  For that reason many clinicians engage the services of an agency, partly to assist with paperwork, partly to assist with finding work.  However, many practices are put off engaging a clinician through an agency because of the cost and lack of assurance with longevity.

Riccarton Clinic welcomes applications direct from clinicians and is well-versed in assisting with all the paperwork necessary to become eligible for work in the NZ health sector.

Furthermore, for doctors, we have a large number of Fellows of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and these easily meet the supervision requirements of the college.  Two of our directors have met the criteria for teaching under the College's GPEP scheme and we have the capacity for two GPEP trainees each year.  

Several of our nurses used to work in the United Kingdom and Australia and are very familiar with the transition to working in the New Zealand system.  Some things are comparable, others we think are better, and none stay still – we are always changing, always developing, always seeking improvements.

With our striking, modern facility; regular group meetings; intranet resources; enthusiastic team members and support from colleagues you could not find a better 'landing point' than Riccarton Clinic.

If you are interested in joining our team use our Contact Us page.