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Working with us

Riccarton Clinic aims to achieve Employer of Choice status. We work hard to make it easy for team members to stay and we rarely have people leave. If they do it's normally because they leave Christchurch. We aim to have an open, supportive, colleagial environment and recognise that whilst work is important, work is not all there is to life.

More than two thirds of our current team of 120 are clinicians. Riccarton Clinic can provide excellent support to clinicians that want to work in a colleagial environment and gain exposure to a wide variety of clinical experiences ranging from acute medical and injury through to chronic disease and palliative care. 

Doctors remain self-employed contractors but work within a team environment with the direction of two Medical Directors (one for General Practice, one for Urgent Care), ably assisted by the owner Doctors. The majority of the Doctors have Fellow status with the RNZCGP or RNZCUC. With education opportunities each fortnight, remote access to Medtech and rostered working Doctors can have the benefits of regular work whilst retaining the ability to take time off when they want or need.

Our nursing team are all members of the NZ Nursing Organisation and are employed under the Primary Healthcare Multi-Employer Collective Agreement. A Nursing Manager and three Senior Nurses oversee the team, assisting you with planning your portfolio and ensuring that you gain experience of all that we do – at your pace. We have a large number of Health Care Assistant positions to support the nursing team.

The administration side of the business will expose clerical and reception staff to new technology, modern business systems and an environment in which your diligence is rewarded. Furthermore we recognise and value the important contribution which the customer-facing staff make to our patient's journey through our facility, you are often the first person and the last person that a patient interacts with as they pass through.

We have an emphasis on lean ways of working and encourage suggestions for improvements from our team.

We have a modern, well-designed and well-equipped building. It's construction meets 100% of the New Building Standard so there are no concerns over its strength (if you're worried about earthquakes).