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COVID-19 'Fit-To-Fly' testing

Information about 'Fit To Fly' testing at Riccarton Clinic for those travelling who need to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test or of having had a COVID-19 vaccination.

Posted on 4 February 2021 |

Updated 1st September 2021 


We are currently offering ‘Fit to Fly’ COVID-19 testing in specific clinics seven days per week.

There are lots of variables as to the cost of testing - between $200.00 for a single swab and $310.00 for the swab and blood test as required by China.  If the tests are carried out on weekends or public holidays, then an additional $15.00 is required.

Full payment is due at the time of booking the appointment.

What you need to know:

  • The airline or embassy will advise you of when your test is required to be carried out.
  • You can only book your ‘Fit to Fly’ appointment once you have received this information.
  • [At Alert Level 1, we do not book appointments from emails. You will need to come into the clinic to book a ‘Fit to Fly’ testing appointment].
  • An administrative fee of $20.00 per person is chargeable if you cancel your ‘Fit to Fly’ appointment at any time.
  • Test results take up to 48 hours to come back after the test has been done. 
  • The Fit to Fly certificate is then completed and will be available for you to collect.

What we require from you at the time of booking your appointment:

  • The appointment date you need to be tested, as provided by your airline or embassy.
  • A completed Fit To Fly Patient Information Sheet.
  • A copy of your passport, including your passport name and date of birth.

For more information about our testing process, see Fit to Fly - General and Fit to Fly - Travelling to China.

Evidence of Vaccination

We are able to write a letter for you to confirm your vaccination status. Currently there is no standard certificate or letter for evidence of COVID vaccination, different governments require different evidence. We can produce a letter written by a Doctor which confirms that you have had the COVID vaccination but only if we have access to your medical records or to the vaccination card that you were given at the time of your vaccinations. Price: TBC

Contact us:

For general ‘Fit to Fly’ enquiries, email us at info@riccartonclinic.co.nz. To book in for a ‘Fit to Fly’ test, please send the completed information plus credit card details for payment to info@riccartonclinic.co.nz