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X-ray facilities are provided by Riccarton Radiology which is located in Riccarton Clinic. This service is available from 8am to 8pm every day and there is no need to book however there may be a wait. Pacific Radiology take their own payments.

You need an x-ray referral from an authorised health practitioner, e.g. a GP, physiotherapist, podiatrist.  While it only takes a few minutes to take the x-ray, some time is needed for processing the results so allow at least 20 minutes for the x-ray part of your visit.

If you attend Riccarton Clinic with an injury, the GP (or nominated nurse) may refer you for an x-ray as part of your ACC consultation.  In this case there are two ACC co-payments to be paid, one to Riccarton Clinic, and a separate one to Pacific Radiology.

If you have been referred by a GP external to Riccarton Clinic, please inform Pacific Radiology whether a Riccarton Clinic GP will be providing the follow up and treatment after the x-ray.    

You may be referred to x-ray as part of your fracture management through the orthopaedic clinics run by one of our team of Urgent Care doctors or by Mr Simon Crampton, Orthopaedic Consultant, at Riccarton Clinic.

Some patients attend Pacific Radiology just to have an x-ray, having been referred from an external health practitioner. 

You can contact Pacific Radiology to make an appointment on 0800 869729. 

For more information on the services provided by Pacific Radiology, visit their website www.pacificradiology.com/#/  

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