Our mask policy

A surgical face mask is required for anyone over the age of 2 to enter the clinic. Please ask one of the Greeter Team at the front door if you require one. If you have a fabric mask on, you will be asked to swap for a surgical one.

  • Riccarton Clinic is able to provide a number of services online for enrolled patients. This includes making appointments, ordering prescriptions, sending messages to your normal GP and informing us of changes to your address and contact details.

    Over the next few years the number of services available online is intended to increase. If you are booking an appointment please take care to note at which of our two locations the appointment is booked.

    Currently the following services are available online:

    • Online Appointment Booking for both our locations - Enrolled patients are eligible to register to make appointments online.  The registration process is easy, just select an appointment time and it will ask you to Login or Join.  The software is updated every twenty seconds so you will be able to see (close to) real time availability of our GPs.  If the details you submit differ from the records we keep then registration won't occur automatically - contact us if you have a problem.  This service is provided by ConnectMed.  This works on a desktop computer and on a smartphone.

    Click here to view Appointment Booking via ConnectMed

    • Prescription requests - Enrolled patients who have been approved by their GP may request e-Scripts (repeat prescriptions) via our online service.  The ConnectMed software uses the same login details as the appointment booking service.   You may still request a prescription by telephoning and leaving a message or by emailing scripts@riccartonclinic.co.nz.  An itemised list of all medication must be provided. We think you'll find the online service better as you will receive a text when your prescription is ready. The text will now allow you to choose the pharmacy you want. If you don't have a cell phone just tell us where you want the script sent. Alternate scripts still require a doctor consultation. Payments for scripts can be made to us with online banking. Please use account number 06-0801-0690566-25 with your Family name/Given name and date of birth as the Reference. Most banks now have Riccarton Clinic available in their Payee search box. We also have a payment engine on this website.

    Click here to order an eScript via ConnectMed

    Click here to watch a video about the new script process (video is one minute long).

    • Manage My Health portal - This browser-based portal has many features, including the two above, but the main benefits are that you will be able to view your own medical records and view all of your laboratory test results (as soon as the lab publishes them).  Some patients really value this, others less so.  This software integrates with our practice management software and the registration process is more complex than the one above.  To register for this service we need to have a unique email address for you and be assured of your identity.  Let our reception team or your GP know if you'd like to register and we will organise it.  We will need some form of photo ID to complete the registration process.

    All of the above are free for patients to use. (There are costs but the practice pay those.)