On-Site Specialists

  • Riccarton Clinic appears to be a single entity but there are actually many other complementary businesses located in the same building. These allied health organisations supplement the services provided by Riccarton Clinic. Information on each of the businesses is given in the pages that follow. Although Riccarton Clinic does not manage these businesses we clearly have strong links with them, together providing an integrated service to our patients.

    • X-Ray

      X-ray services at the Riccarton Clinic are provided by imaging and diagnostic specialists, Pacific Radiology. This service is available from 8:00am - 8:00pm every day and there is no need to book however there may be a wait. Pacific Radiology take their own payments.

      You need an x-ray referral from an authorised health practitioner, e.g. a GP, physiotherapist, podiatrist. While it only takes a few minutes to take the x-ray, some time is needed for processing the results so allow at least 20 minutes for the x-ray part of your visit.

      If you attend Riccarton Clinic with an injury, the GP (or nominated nurse) may refer you for an x-ray as part of your ACC consultation. In this case there are two ACC co-payments to be paid, one to Riccarton Clinic, and a separate one to Pacific Radiology.

      If you have been referred by a GP external to Riccarton Clinic, please inform Pacific Radiology whether a Riccarton Clinic GP will be providing the follow up and treatment after the x-ray.

      You may be referred to x-ray as part of your fracture management through the orthopaedic clinics run by one of our team of Urgent Care doctors or by Mr Simon Crampton, Orthopaedic Consultant, at Riccarton Clinic.

      Some patients attend Pacific Radiology just to have an x-ray, having been referred from an external health practitioner.

      You can contact Pacific Radiology to make an appointment on 0800 869729.

      For more information on the services provided by Pacific Radiology, visit their website www.pacificradiology.com

    • Pharmacy

      Unichem Pharmacy is located at Riccarton Clinic. It is open from 8:30am-6:30pm Monday-Friday and 9:00am-6:30pm on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

      You can visit Unichem Pharmacy to fill your prescription, to get advice on over-the-counter medication if you are unwell, or to purchase natural health products.

      Their services are:

      • Prescriptions
      • Medicine management
      • Health checks
      • Vaccinations
      • Stop Smoking services
      • UTI treatment
      • Emergency contraceptive pill
      • Oral contraceptive pill
      • Erectile dysfunction

      You can contact Unichem Pharmacy on 033414855, fax 033414854 or email rx.riccartonclinic@unichem.co.nz

    • Allergy Consultations, Testing & Treatment

      An allergy care service is available from South Island Allergy Service, based at Riccarton Clinic.

      This service offers consultations and testing for a range of aero-allergens such as pollens, grasses and animal dander. Desensitisation, which is a potential cure for aero allergies, can also be provided.

      Consultations may also be arranged with a visiting Allergist for patients with eczema, food allergies and some other allergic conditions. For more information about the services provided by South Island Allergy Service please visit www.allergyservice.co.nz.

    • Blood Sample Collection

      We offer a blood collection, phlebotomy, service at Riccarton Clinic at a low cost throughout our opening hours. A free service is offered nearby by Awanui Laboratories during the majority of our opening hours.

      If your doctor has requested a blood sample for testing, then you will need to go to a phlebotomy service. Your doctor will have advised you whether the test is fasting (no food after midnight before the test) or non-fasting.

      For eligible patients, NZ Residents with health concerns in the main, blood sample testing is at no charge but the cost of taking the sample is not covered if you have the sample taken in a GP surgery. Neither the testing nor the sample taking are at no charge if you are not eligible. In the main this applies to non-residents and NZ residents who are having tests for study, travel or work.

      The cost of taking the sample is covered if you go to a community-based facility. In Christchurch the community-based collection services are provided by Awanui Labs, located at 3B Waimairi Road (near the end of Joe's Garage) - approximately two minutes flat ground walk from the rear of our building. Their site hours are 7.30am to 4.15 pm weekdays and 8am to 11am Saturdays.

      If this location is not convenient you can find their other locations on their website  

      You can check further information about the tests on the Awanui Labs website – the information is rather complex, look up your test first then read the notes.

      Outside of the hours that Awanui Labs provide, our nurses will take blood samples but there is a small charge for that. You may also decide to pay rather than make a journey to use the 'free' service, the choice is yours.

    • Audiology

      Bay Audiology are located on the first floor at Riccarton Clinic and can be accessed by lift and stairs. They manage their own appointments and take their own payments. Their contact number is 348 5096.

      The branch at Riccarton Clinic is one of over 65 clinics throughout New Zealand.

      They offer:

      • full diagnostic hearing tests / hearing checks / industrial monitoring
      • consultations and evaluations
      • hearing aid fitting and servicing
      • access to rehabilitation programmes
      • hearing aid accessories

      They are committed to their 3 step client care approach of preventative, diagnostic and rehabilitative solutions to hearing loss. They are here to support clients every step of the way.

      For more information on services provided by Bay Audiology visit http://www.bayaudiology.co.nz/

    • Dentists

      Church Corner Dentists is located adjacent to Riccarton Clinic on the intersection of Riccarton Road and Yaldhurst Road.

      The main entrance is at 2 Yaldhurst Road. They also occupy a first floor section of Riccarton Clinic where there are 2 treatment rooms. These rooms can be accessed from 2 Yaldhurst Road by stairs, by lift or stairs from Riccarton Clinic. They make their own appointments and take their own payments. Their contact number is 348 5750.

      The Dentists are:

      • Dr Kent Agar
      • Dr Melanie Blake-Manson
      • Dr Stuart Johnson

      The Dental Hygienists are:

      • Ellen Dawson
      • Vicky Liu

      They provide comprehensive dental care for all the family.

    • Orthopaedics

      At Riccarton Clinic we are able to provide an orthopaedic service for patients referred by Riccarton Clinic GPs. Clinics are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

      Fracture Clinics are held at Riccarton Clinic several times each week.

      Monday afternoons – any fractures

      Thursday afternoons – any fractures

      Friday mornings – fractures and pain issues

      These clinics are supported by nurses well experienced in orthopaedics. There is a plaster room and x-ray facilities next to the consult room.