Travel Medicine & Advice

  • Overseas travel can be exciting and often connected to a much needed break from work. However, it can expose you to a risk of disease unless you take precautions. Riccarton Clinic are able to offer all the common vaccinations and give travel medicine advice for your chosen destination.

    The cost of overseas travel is so high these days that the last thing you would want to do is risk your enjoyment through illness whilst you are away. Morbidity studies suggest that about half the people from a developed country who stay for one month in a developing country will get sick. Interestingly this includes those who were originally native to that country but now live overseas. Traveller's diarrhoea is the most common problem encountered.

    The risk to health of overseas travel comes in two forms. Firstly the rigours of travel can leave you feeling run down and tired. Often this comes at a time when your normal diet is disrupted so not only are you missing out on the normal balanced diet but you are exposing yourself to foods, and food hygiene, that you are not normally exposed to. Secondly, whilst away you will encounter infectious diseases and insects for which you have no defence. Adults originally native of a developing country may have a resistance but children born offshore may not, so they are particularly at risk.

    Travel medicine advice at Riccarton Clinic comes in the form of a pre-travel consultation and evaluation and will include contingency planning for the time you are away. Key things to bear in mind are:

    • Insurance
    • Insects
    • Ingestions (safe drinking water; food)
    • Injuries
    • Indiscretion (HIV, STD)

    There will be a travel consultation fee with the doctor, please phone the clinic for further information. Any vaccinations that are needed are charged extra to this.